Sunday, October 25, 2009

Garbage work

I had a dumpster delivered.. almost filled it clearing all the construction debris that was stored in the garage/carriage house. But just look how neat it is!

Now this circle thing.. made by the Altlanta stove works co. We have no clue what it is.... do you? The only thing we can even imagine it can be used for, is hung upside down, to hang pots and utensils from... good imagination? Could be.

Other than that, little clean-up in the house, got rid of the vinyl runner in the upstairs hallway, and the sheet of linoleum in the master bedroom.. not a very productive weekend as far as construction, but for a one man job, not too bad, he worked hard.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A change in plans

Due to the on coming winter, we decided to change course on what what was being done.. but first, the windows were replaced.. after a stripping, and re glazing, and a painting, they were put back up before the weekend was over. IT's an old huge photo, but here is a before pic

Here is the before and after of the stair case to the cellar. We decided to get some insulation in the wall, so we removed the pantry cabinets that were there, which will be replaced.. to insulate, in the second half of that photo, you can see the mouse nest..on one of the beams.

This is the upper wall area.. first the pantry cabinets, then removed, and the bead board wall boards.. to the bare sheathing behind...

ANd so while it was all open, the door sill, was in need of repair also..the cellar has it's own entry door, as well as a door to the mud room. It's a little messy looking, it was all caulked up, but it all gets a coat of paint one day soon, I hope.

As long as the Van was going up.. I decided it needed to be filled a little, so I had my glider and cafe table set sent up to make a place to sit on the back porch.. I LOVE the way my glider fits there.. that was a Mother's day present for me two years ago.. I bought the plans, and my husband made it for me!

There is only one area left with out insulation, and that is the rear stairway to the second floor.. it also has bead board walls, maybe next trip that can be removed, and insulated, and replaced.. so it looks original, yet is energy efficent.