Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just a few views of the kitchen backsplash... ran short on the glass tile border, 4 inches..oh well... close

The sink is in place, but not mounted.

something hiding in the cabinets... hmmm

Christmas present... we are rooster fanatics, can you tell?

the tiles won't look so choppy once they are grouted.

Have to buy one more glass tile, ran short 4 inches on the right.. the local Lowes did not have that color in stock.. next time, then can grout.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, some wall tile got done, but not finished.. here is he center behind he sink...

Here is a distance view.. can't wait to have it all done, and grouted.

a mid sized shot... the camera was placed on the Island for this shot.

Next trip up, the remainder of the tile can be installed.. then maybe the grout???

Saturday, November 27, 2010

First, a pic of some newly fallen SNOW! The winter season is starting.
There are so many pictures today, some are from last weekend, some from this, I won't go into a lot of blabber about them, so I'll just explain what they are:
This of course is a ceiling fan installed in the Parlor.

Here is a ceiling fan for the upstairs Master Bedroom.

The fan in the living room was just installed.

Here is the pic of the kitchen from last weekend...

Now here is a picture of the kitchen from this weekend... the bar stools are in place, the corner china cabinet is layed in place in the rear of the kitchen, as with the glass table and chairs...

The half bath door got a coat of primer...

Last weekend, one bedroom door was framed and installed.. here is a view from the hall...

Here is a view from inside the room...

The Foyer got it's light reinstalled, it was an original to the house, I couldn't see getting anything different, it looked so charming there...

This picture is hard to see, may have to click on it to enlarge it, the blue swag lamps are put up... it's a little dark..

OK, different view of the swags, not a great view, but you can see the color of can see the refinished window panes on the floor, the window frame needs attending, before they can be put back up... unfortunately, it's friggin cold there now!

Anyhow, nothing major was completed, a lot of little things, all necessary things that needed to get done, yet, always put off.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Photos

It was just a try-and-finish-up weekend! There are so many things just started and not finished... finally got the remainder of the cabinet doors installed..
Here is the Island face ( photos are clickable to enlarge)
This is the under cabinet garbage can finally installed! The other cabinet door will hide the garbage disposal, and it has a fake drawer front.

Here is a view of the Cabinet doors, and Pantry doors all installed!

The Pantry Cabinet!
Just a closer up view with the upper doors all installed!

Still a lot of stuff waiting to be finished.. but every one completed makes it that much closer. Besides the kitchen Cabinets being finished, the 1/2 bath door was framed out on the inside, we still have to make the moldings for the outside facing the mud room... we have to match the rest of the woodwork in the kitchen.

The Bathroom on the second floor got it's molding put up facing the hallway, but the interior has to be made. The original moldings were not saved due to the outside molding was cut short for the doorway, which we removed.. and the inside had the tub real close to the door, and they cut off the molding to allow it to fit.. so they have to be recreated. Another time!

Monday, October 25, 2010

more done

Not alot I can show you except this pic shows the window frame back on.. not painted yet.. it's starting to all come together :)

A better view of the moldings ( photos are click-able to enlarge)

The bathroom in the mud room got a door! The moldings are still being stripped, but it's looking up too!
Maybe next trip some more painting will get finished.. still have ceilings to do in the livingroom, parlor, and foyer..and of course walls, but first things first.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchen Photos!

Still not finished... things just take time, but after a 3 day weekend, progress happened! The counter tops are made, they are sitting there, just not attached yet.. some things need be done first .

The light over the island was installed..

Hmmm just a closer up picture of the sink area.The stove goes on the left in that empty space, and the dishwasher goes on the right.

Just a different view. There is something above the cabinets on the wall.. I will explain in a few.

this is a drawing of the proposed back splash.It will be white subway tiles, with glass tiles for an accent. This was just thrown up to give me a quick peek to make up my mind of where to put the glass tiles... glad it was, cos now I've made up my mind. One block farther down suits me fine !

Now for that thing on the wall above the cabinets... We stole the design from the front staircase.. I wanted to carry the design into the kitchen.. we already used it on the island, on the counter supports... we took one small section and carved it into the supports.. not that anyone will see them anyway! (visible on two pics above, click on it to enlarge)

But now...I love the way cabinets look with crown molding above it. Sooo... I bought a piece, and had it tacked up in two places so I could have a look see... IN this pic, the crown molding is directly above the cabinets, ( a little too close for me) then the design will be above it.

In this picture, the crown molding is above the design near the ceiling.. it looks okay to me, makes the design not look so good... what to do?

Well, as for the hinges and door knobs, well... I ordered them, and they came in in plenty of time to make it up to the house... only.... &%@@#$! I ordered the wrong ones! The knobs are fine, but the hinge won't work...I couldn't understand, I copied the order numbers from the last time I got some. Hmmmm. kept wondering how I made that mistake, and then... (light bulb goes on) NOW I remember, the first time I ordered them, I also ordered the wrong ones, and had to send them back for new! &%$#~! I had forgotten, I must have copied the wrong order sheet... ok back to the drawing board. ha ha ha next time!.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More cabinets done.. however..found out we are short some hinges and door knobs.. not sure why.. I did buy enough, they were all counted.. but I guess no sense complaining, I have to order more..

This sink, is an original... it was up in the main bath when we bought the house. I love it, and couldn't go with out using it somewhere, so I thought it would be perfect for the half bath in the mud room!

Here is the light/exhaust fan I bought for the half bath.. I think it looks great! It works too!! lol

Another trip.. more to do!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a few photos of the cabinets now. The chimney sweeper came, and took care of business.. seems we had a bird try to nest in the chimney. Now when I ordered the stove, I asked for a cap to keep the lil critters out.. and in all the commotion, with not being able to line it... and I had to call in someone who could line it right... they put the wrong cap on. I mean, why do you put a cap on a chimney? I always thought it was to keep the birds and squirrels out.. geesh! SO they gave us a cap with out the screening on it..

While he was cleaning the flu for the furnace, he determined we have to have that lined also.. so, sometime around November December he can get to that... and cost me about $1800 .

Anyway... here are pics of how the cabinets are coming, wish there was time to finsih them.. but I like what I see.. all photos are clickable to make them larger.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

still paint in progress

Well.. lots of painting was done on the cabinets.. all the doors got a finish coat of paint

The drawers are all painted

These are the mounting frames for the glass doors, all painted

the cabinet frame, got patched, and a finished coat of paint

Maybe the next visit, the doors can get mounted.. *fingers crossed* It won't be till two weeks, have to make a trip up having the chimney sweeper come.. maybe after seeing how it's done, we can do it ourselves next time *chuckles*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Kitchen is starting to take shape

Kitchen Cabinets are started!

The tub is caulked! I promised a photo..