Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hubby has to travel North again this evening..what a wonderful white world! This is the view out my front seems like more than just a flurry..huh?

Monday, December 29, 2008

One photo to share

Ok, I went through all the photos again...I found only one I can even think of posting..

As you can see it is a touch blurry..but not as bad as most ;) It's a photo of the wall the kitchen cabinets will go on...he wanted to add nailing surfaces for mounting the cabinets..and I am sure you might have noticed the yellow papers..that's his notes for the electrician..since chances are he won't be there when the guy shows up tp work, he likes to be clear on his additions! It worked well for the upstairs...hopefully things are still clear enough for the first floor.


I had a camera full of photos, I would have loved to share, but they were sorely out of focus!

Unfortunately, I had used the camera in manual mode..and forgot to change it back..and hubby not knowing the difference (aim and shoot) took loads of out of focus shots.

He went up alone this weekend, but he had an extra day at he accomplished what he needed to. He got the house cleaned up...(all tools packed away)everything removed from around the circumference of the rooms, so the electrician can do his thing.

The electrician stopped in, and mentioned he could be at the house to run his wires this we can start putting in the insulation next weekend!

Hubby went around and marked all the special wiring instructions where they need to be.

He thinks he will go up to the house a bit earlier this weekend, since he's off on the 1rst.. if the electric is done by then, I told him there are loads of things he can do..after all I already bought the new stair treads..they are sitting there waiting for their turn, and there is loads of sheet rock that can be worked on, that's there also!

The only reason it wasn't done yet, is because he was busy trying to get the downstairs prepped for the electric...which is he can start other things that need to be done.

I'll look through the photos again, and see if any of them are clear enough to post..till then!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

moving closer

Well, I made a few changes. There was a closet under the front steps, but the door for it was in the livingroom. I thought it best, to have the closet open into the foyer, so hubby changed it around, and he had to rebuild the wall for under the stairs, to secure it some. He still has to replace the steps he broke when he dropped the radiator, but he needs to reinforce that side of the steps in some way first.

While he was at it, he straightened out a nailing surface for the sheetrock..I can't believe how much forgiveness is allowed by using plaster on the walls!

Here again, the last thing hubby got around to, was repairing the floor damage under an old leaky radiator! It's been covered over with plywood, so he could put the radiator back on to keep the house warm, but we aren't sure which way we want to go next..gotta keep plugging on getting ready for electric, so we can insulate!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The work continues

The work continues, even when not at the house! Here I have two photos to share, of the island cabinet, before priming. As shown in the second pic, the garbage can is on the right, but on the left, will be a small work sink, and garbage disposal.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hubby at the auction!

Here is the highlight of his trip! We saw this picture in the auction listings, and we both liked it, so I told him to go for it. He picked it up for $17.50.

When he called me, he told me, they called it a I said it was nice anyway..

When he brought it home, I inspected's not a print, it's an original watercolor!

It's not a famous painter, but he has had loads of pictures out at auction. It's by George M Hathaway..I looked him up, didn't find a lot of info, except he lived 1853-1903. So it's old..and it fits right in my new old house!

Hubby did well!

Monday, December 1, 2008

More complete!

Well, hubby insulated the sun was the only room downstairs that was able to have insulation at this point, but cold air was pouring in from there, and it needed to be done.

In order to insulate the porch, Hubby had to empty the room, so he laid out all the cabinets in the soon to be kitchen, to have a look see...

Then he built the soffits above the top cabinet areas... looking good!

It's getting closer! I'm excited.