Sunday, November 23, 2008

every weekend is exciting!

Hubby works on the house, and comes home disappointed not much was finished..but he doesn't see the large's getting closer..each and every time!

This weekend..there wasn't a huge variety of stuff completed..but one major job was done..he managed to put back the ceiling beams in the living room..had to remove them to do the plumbing, without cutting any...and instead of the 2 x 12 beams that were there, he replaced them with 2x4's..seeing they are only there to hang the ceiling sheet rock on..that gives us a higher ceiling height. not a huge change, but it makes it almost 8 foot..and I'm happy with that.

Then, he finished repairing the ceiling beams in the kitchen...five of them were bits put together to make a long piece, and hubby wanted to be sure it was strong, so he replaced some, with a larger over lap, so it would have some strength.

Next weekend, he plans on insulating the sun porch..and trying to put the firring strips on the outer walls, so the electrician can come back..then we can insulate the downstairs! Let's hope having an extra day next weekend, he can get more done, would love to not have to have the furnace sucking so much oil down!

It seems we went in a complete circle..bought the house, there was snow on the ground..and it's back again! Almost a year.....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Work was done

Lot's was done, just no real photos to share. Most of the work was plumbing..and a photo of just pipes, isn't very exciting!

It was work that had to be done, for the progression of things. Hubby seems very disappointed, he feels nothing much was accomplished..but he did well!I have to keep reminding him, in due time. He had to finish the plumbing, so he can put the ceiling beams back up..and that has to be done, before the electric goes in..which has to be done, before we can insulate. And so on, and so on.......

I do have one photo I can share..I will put it up in just a bit..just thought of it.

The house looks so barren...but after this trip up, I do hope that changes a bit!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Somethings being done!

Here is a photo of where the new kitchen will be, showing the side of the house side. We plan to keep that window for now, it's different..and I like it. It has storms (some) on it..and we have to decide how to fix them..but it can be done later. is a photo of the same view I posted earlier. It's been cleaned up a bit..and the floors still aren't the same height..but we have some more demoing to do yet!

An finally hubby started framing out the wall for the new 1/2 bath..It's going to be located in the mud room..(previously the old kitchen) It's not large..but it doesn't need to be. Next to the bath, we are planning to put in a small closet for those coats and boots/'s been a long time since I had one..and I can't wait for it!

Just a note, Hubby's hernia didn't act up at all this weekend, so even though he was alone, he did do quite a lot. Besides the reconstruction..he fixed a pipe attached to the hot water heater..and he stuffed the basement windows with some insulation. Now I know that seems like a funny thing to do, but there really isn't any windows there. They rotted away, and were replaced by a sheet of day, we will get them replaced, but for's warmer down there!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

possibly a delay

First some photos! IT'S FALL!

Now a photo of the old kitchen/diningroom area getting a spruce up, and some floor rebuilding.

Now, I posted a photo of this area last time, bathroom floor here it is all spiffed p a bit..the floor was reinforced, old beams were removed, and replaced with new..seems like the handy man way of installing plumbing was to just cut the beam if it's in the it needed reinforcing badly!

Now for a possible delay..Hubby seems to have a problem with a hernia..waiting for a surgeon visit to determine what's up, and how we shall see. Hubby thinks he did the heavy work last weekend, and may be able to get away with some clean-up this weekend..we shall's all up in the air!