Thursday, January 29, 2009

another step forward

Here is a quick shot of the over the fridge cabinet. It's not done yet, I have to pick up the chicken wire today...still considering that idea at this time, but we'll see.

Just a coat of primer, and some paint, and it'll be ready for installation.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally looking like something!

That's all I can say, it's been a long year, almost ;) BUT first, I wanted to show those of you who only get 6 or so inches of snow a year..what happens when it lingers around for a while! (AND you know who you are!) ;)

OKAY on to the work! Hubby was busy trying to get some more sheet rock hung..the old beams were a trial, as they originally had plaster on them, and the unevenness of the hand made 2 x 4 beams didn't matter..but when applying sheet rock, it certainly does! Hubby had to build out some of the beams as he went to make it more even.

I have to admit though, I looked at bare beams for so long, it really looks strange to me to see them covered!

This room is pretty much needs the closet doors put in, as you can see below, that empty area is where the 4 foot wide bi-fold doors will be for the closet. I wanted to be able to have total availability for what's hidden in the children aren't much for dragging everything out to get to the bottom of things, so they won't have to now.

Oh yeah, you can probably see what appears to be two outlets real close to one another..but it isn't really.. one is an outlet, the other is for cable/phone lines. We placed the cable lines on both sides of the room, not knowing what the set up of each room would be, this way there wouldn't be lines running all around the room.

He started on the next room...which I don't have a photo of posted isn't much to see...but I am pleased with the progress so far..

Hubby had some last minute plumbing to install behind the walls for the laundry room, and the vent pipes for the downstairs bathroom..he wants to have them in before he closes up the he's trying to do it as he goes..might have been better to just do all the piping first, but he wanted to feel like he accomplished something for a change..and having all that sheet rock hanging around, just seems to get in his way!

I'll have more photos next week!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold weather work! you can see by this photo, there is snow..I tried to alter the photo to make it clearer, but I don't think it worked well. All the snow photos came out with a blue hue...the sun wasn't shining!

Now for some photos of the indoor work being done! More ceilings were put up..this one shows the upstairs hallway...

Which leads to the landing at the top of the front steps...

Only the two bathroom ceiling, the laundry room and the Master bedroom closet have to be done, then on to walls! The Master bedroom has the original tin ceiling still..and I hope to keep it that way!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

more work

OK..I see work done...Hubby doesn't think he did a lot. First a photo of the downstairs..looking from one end to the other.

Next a photo of the first room with a ceiling! Sheetrock was hung..and it took a while, but I'm sure you'll agree with me, you can see work was done!

Here is a view of a couple of rooms put up!

And now a close up view..I am happy with may have taken a while..but it's starting to look like something!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Almost a year!

Yup, we closed on the house January 18th..although the shock of the condition of the house, didn't calm down till around March, so even though we have had the house almost a year, it hasn't been a year of construction (de struction)

Now just a couple of photos..(Love pics myself)..of the insulation in the "old" kitchen area. Hubby took photos of other places, but they are truly too dark to see..he aims towards the windows..and he gets dark photos.

Here is a photo of the front staircase. He had to level them after the radiator fell..the new stair treads aren't on yet, but in order to put the insulation in properly, he had to do the shimming.

I am pleased with the progress, he sees not much done in 5 days, but it really is a big house, and there is always a "but first!"

Now he can concentrate on the upstairs sheetrock...oh, "but first" he has to finish the plumbing, he has to run some vent lines in through the wall leading upstairs to the roof!