Sunday, July 18, 2010

A productive weekend

First... one of the chores I took on to complete..I washed windows... and since they are now clean, I decided to mount the mini blinds.. not that they had to be put up now, but it gives the house a more lived in look from the outside... which I will show in a bit..
This is one bedroom ,,,,with mini blinds installed....
Here is the other bedroom....
Here is a close up on one of the windows in the last 1/2 bedroom ha ha ha ...

Now for a look at the effect from the outside... it looks more like a home, doesn't it?

This one was a rough one to complete.. but the floor is all sealed.. has three coats of sealer on it..
the "first time do it yourselfers didn't know to seal the slate before grouting, so the grout sorta soaked into the slate in some places.. had to scrub it out each tile individually.. best that could be.. it's liveable now.. and looks darn good all sealed.

inbetween coats of sealant drying, we managed to get the tub completed.. the water is all hooked up, and the faucets are installed.. the walls are caulked,, ready for a shower! Bout time!

Hmm I forgot to snap a pic of it all caulked... *smacks hands* ohh well.. next trip .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

yes work was done... but....

Nothing to show. It was a discouraging trip.. came home early... seems being newbies to tiling, we didn't know when you install slate tiles, they should be sealed before you install, so the grout mixture doesn't absorb into the tile... arghhh... there are some cleaning options we will try, but it was very disappointing to clean up, and still have it look undone.

Not gonna tell ya... how upsetting this made us.. that's the reason for the quick trip home.. next time .. I hope.