Saturday, May 31, 2008

Look what I have!

I believe it was worth the time, and the effort..they look great, although the test will be when they are installed!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Window shopping....argh!

I think I had mentioned, we purchased 15 new windows. When I ordered them from one of those "Home stores" they told me if I want them delivered, to wait till they were delivered to the store. (They were special order)

Alright, so I get the call they are in, and I go to the store and ask to have them delivered, which I am responded to with "You should have done this when they were ordered"

Well..after explanations that I was told not to... so they proceeded to figure out how to attach that to my order. Now the woman behind the desk says, "Which day would you like them?" (This is monday eve.) Tues, Wednes, Thurs....I said, "Tues, as in tomorrow? " She says yes..I said, tomorrow will be fine! SO I paid my delivery fee...and go home.

I waited the whole next day, for my new windows, which of course didn't come. I call.....I am told, "No way Hunny, you ain't gettin them till the 28th".

So ok..I wait a week...Yesterday was the 28th. However, Hubby and I happened to be at the store on the 27th in the evening, so I decided I would check on my order...and she says, "Yeah you're getting them tomorrow, but I can't give you a window of time" I told her how would I know they are coming, she says I should get a phone call. I asked if I don't get the I still getting them?

She said, oh, don't worry, you'll get a call...well, I didn't.

It was getting near noon, I called them. Nope, I am not on the schedule to be delivered today. He has to "check and see if they have them" then he will schedule me. I went through the explanation of the windows coming in , and waiting on the 20th for delivery, and they not showing he tells me, he will look for them, and if he finds them, I can have them tomorrow (Today)

He will however "call" me. Nope no phone call.

First thing this morning, I called to speak with the store fooling around now..I spent good money on those windows, I want them, and in good condition. After an hour on the phone, I am finally put back on the line with delivery...and he hasn't been able to locate them!!!

He will call me back in 5-10 minutes!

Yeah yeah. I called back after two hours of not hearing, and <> he found my windows, and I should get them tomorrow..after I get a confirmation call! (not as of yet)I told them I have a school meeting in the morning, I want an afternoon we shall see..........I am exhausted!

I have to order 9 more windows, and they are running a sale..It would be nice to get sale price..but I want to see the first 15 first!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Another nice trip, lot's accomplished!

It's just clean up..but it was a definite necessity! So much left to be done, before we can start putting back, but next visit, finish clean-up..then starting on Kitchen floor repair...and wall building!

Here is the photo of the floor in the kitchen, it was sagging about 2 1/2 inches..first thing to get done.

Here is a photo looking toward the Masterbed from bedrooms two and three...things are cleaner .

Here is another view of the upstairs, but it looks toward the front staircase from the Master bedroom. The "Closet" is on the left.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Back Upstate

Dh is back at the house, he has a nice long weekend to be up least he can put in two full days of work, instead of one.

This time..he said he would like to take his Monday up there..and enjoy the place and the scenery! It's making me happy, knowing he finally, finally.....starting to enjoy the concept of living there!

Now when he comes home, he gets so upset with the traffic here..we live near we are in a congested, small town.

Anyway...He plans on taking these few days to do final clean-up...finish the kitchen removals, and then just do a lot of sweeping and clean-up..he may get to fix a few studded walls..but most of all, he has loads of bricks to remove that will take time.

Last but not least..I wanted to post a photo of the cabinet..with the drawers in place. They aren't primed yet...but they are fitted!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Excuse my shortness

I have a bad cold..not up to par today, so I'll keep this quick. When we first purchased the house, and saw the poster of "American Gothic" on the wall, I knew the house was ours..and meant to be. Now after removing a ceiling in the old "Breakfast nook" look what was on the ceiling....

Now, need I say more? Since it's my last name!! Although I have never been to Canton Ohio...I'll just take the name reference as a sign. The next pic, shows what was on the ceiling above the parlor..I didn't quite understand where it was found, just when they removed the tin, it was there...and somewhere, (not on camera) I was told that there was a reference to being a tin manufacturer. They used the crate and all!

This photo shows pieces of a crate used as wood firring strips!

The demo is coming nicely, the kitchen is the last room to go, and it's half down...gee, I spoke too much catch up next time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh, I forgot...

I forgot to show off a photo of the first cabinet primed! I ordered black cast iron knobs, and hinges. I think they are called (?) forgot the style name...but they will allow a small amount of black to show. I can't wait to see them installed!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First, here is a new photo of the house. You can see all the rust on the roof, and it has dripped down onto the siding above the door...we got an estimate for a brand new roof! $11,000. The price of the metal is going up soon, so we had to move quick to get it now. It needs the new roof, many many small leaks.

Now, this photo, is the same corner the corner cabinet sat in! (sniff) it's sad to see it go, but it should have a perfect place to rest later when we start putting the house back together!

The view under the stairs...these are the front stairs, we decided, since there is no major renovations needed at the rear staircase, we will attempt to leave it something will be original!

Just wanted to show another filled dumpster!

This makes the third one, and I haven't gotten a bill for the first one yet! I wonder if it will be a shocker when I get them!

We are planning another trip up next week, have some things to do before the roof is up (he promised in two weeks to start) so another trip is real necessary!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another weekend of work!

Dh is at the house, this time, he will return with "Exact" measurements to order new windows.

It's funny, we considered just plain old changing all the windows. Replacing exactly what is there, with new. Now all of a sudden, the contractor comes along, and says we should really shorten the window in the bathroom. (Sigh) it can be done, but then we have to replace some siding outside. It's more than it's worth.. I think. Yes, I want it done right, but at what cost?

Speaking of the "Contractor"....YIPPEE! He was at the house! Do you know what that means....???

That means, he fixed our bearing wall...he replaced it with a sturdy 2 x 6 wall, instead of a regular 2 x 4 wall! For a bearing wall, I feel more comfortable that way. There is a lot of house above that has to hold it all up!

On top of the wall repair, he started the......electric!!! Double Yippee!!! He put in the new wires, so it can be hooked up to the new meter...and then ran the service up the stairs to the new box for the second floor. he has to wait for the town to inspect before he can go any further, but at least "SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!"

Hubby just called me, for the sixth time this morning, it's now 9:27 am. While he was on the phone, he complained he isn't getting too far too fast, because he has to keep making calls! (laughing) I didn't ask him to call! He made one call to his sister, and the rest to me... I know how he feels though.

Yesterday, he thought he would get in a full day of work, because he went up Thursday he stopped at his sister's house at 7am, for an invited breakfast, then he proceeded to the house at 8am, only to find the contractors still there. He didn't want to get in their way, so he spent some time removing mouldings. He would have loved to tear right into the walls, but the dumpster didn't arrive till almost 2pm..

After a bit if wall demo...his sister stopped in and asked him to go with her to the auction in town. I told him, he might as's a long weekend, he'll need the R&R!

He had to quit working at 3:30, to wash up to, the call from his sister, was to see if he wanted to go to a "Spaghetti Dinner" at the Lodge.

Now Hubby, likes to get in a full day..that means work till at least 6pm, that's when he starts to peter out, to stop at 3, well..that doesn't suit him to well.

Oh well...if he at least gets the windows measured...and determines how many 2 x 4's he'll need to move around walls, he accomplished something, even if he doesn't fill the dumpster. We can keep the dumpster for a week, and I'll go with him next weekend and help tear out.

I'll keep you posted!