Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hubby has to travel North again this evening..what a wonderful white world! This is the view out my front seems like more than just a flurry..huh?

Monday, December 29, 2008

One photo to share

Ok, I went through all the photos again...I found only one I can even think of posting..

As you can see it is a touch blurry..but not as bad as most ;) It's a photo of the wall the kitchen cabinets will go on...he wanted to add nailing surfaces for mounting the cabinets..and I am sure you might have noticed the yellow papers..that's his notes for the electrician..since chances are he won't be there when the guy shows up tp work, he likes to be clear on his additions! It worked well for the upstairs...hopefully things are still clear enough for the first floor.


I had a camera full of photos, I would have loved to share, but they were sorely out of focus!

Unfortunately, I had used the camera in manual mode..and forgot to change it back..and hubby not knowing the difference (aim and shoot) took loads of out of focus shots.

He went up alone this weekend, but he had an extra day at he accomplished what he needed to. He got the house cleaned up...(all tools packed away)everything removed from around the circumference of the rooms, so the electrician can do his thing.

The electrician stopped in, and mentioned he could be at the house to run his wires this we can start putting in the insulation next weekend!

Hubby went around and marked all the special wiring instructions where they need to be.

He thinks he will go up to the house a bit earlier this weekend, since he's off on the 1rst.. if the electric is done by then, I told him there are loads of things he can do..after all I already bought the new stair treads..they are sitting there waiting for their turn, and there is loads of sheet rock that can be worked on, that's there also!

The only reason it wasn't done yet, is because he was busy trying to get the downstairs prepped for the electric...which is he can start other things that need to be done.

I'll look through the photos again, and see if any of them are clear enough to post..till then!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

moving closer

Well, I made a few changes. There was a closet under the front steps, but the door for it was in the livingroom. I thought it best, to have the closet open into the foyer, so hubby changed it around, and he had to rebuild the wall for under the stairs, to secure it some. He still has to replace the steps he broke when he dropped the radiator, but he needs to reinforce that side of the steps in some way first.

While he was at it, he straightened out a nailing surface for the sheetrock..I can't believe how much forgiveness is allowed by using plaster on the walls!

Here again, the last thing hubby got around to, was repairing the floor damage under an old leaky radiator! It's been covered over with plywood, so he could put the radiator back on to keep the house warm, but we aren't sure which way we want to go next..gotta keep plugging on getting ready for electric, so we can insulate!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The work continues

The work continues, even when not at the house! Here I have two photos to share, of the island cabinet, before priming. As shown in the second pic, the garbage can is on the right, but on the left, will be a small work sink, and garbage disposal.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hubby at the auction!

Here is the highlight of his trip! We saw this picture in the auction listings, and we both liked it, so I told him to go for it. He picked it up for $17.50.

When he called me, he told me, they called it a I said it was nice anyway..

When he brought it home, I inspected's not a print, it's an original watercolor!

It's not a famous painter, but he has had loads of pictures out at auction. It's by George M Hathaway..I looked him up, didn't find a lot of info, except he lived 1853-1903. So it's old..and it fits right in my new old house!

Hubby did well!

Monday, December 1, 2008

More complete!

Well, hubby insulated the sun was the only room downstairs that was able to have insulation at this point, but cold air was pouring in from there, and it needed to be done.

In order to insulate the porch, Hubby had to empty the room, so he laid out all the cabinets in the soon to be kitchen, to have a look see...

Then he built the soffits above the top cabinet areas... looking good!

It's getting closer! I'm excited.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

every weekend is exciting!

Hubby works on the house, and comes home disappointed not much was finished..but he doesn't see the large's getting closer..each and every time!

This weekend..there wasn't a huge variety of stuff completed..but one major job was done..he managed to put back the ceiling beams in the living room..had to remove them to do the plumbing, without cutting any...and instead of the 2 x 12 beams that were there, he replaced them with 2x4's..seeing they are only there to hang the ceiling sheet rock on..that gives us a higher ceiling height. not a huge change, but it makes it almost 8 foot..and I'm happy with that.

Then, he finished repairing the ceiling beams in the kitchen...five of them were bits put together to make a long piece, and hubby wanted to be sure it was strong, so he replaced some, with a larger over lap, so it would have some strength.

Next weekend, he plans on insulating the sun porch..and trying to put the firring strips on the outer walls, so the electrician can come back..then we can insulate the downstairs! Let's hope having an extra day next weekend, he can get more done, would love to not have to have the furnace sucking so much oil down!

It seems we went in a complete circle..bought the house, there was snow on the ground..and it's back again! Almost a year.....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Work was done

Lot's was done, just no real photos to share. Most of the work was plumbing..and a photo of just pipes, isn't very exciting!

It was work that had to be done, for the progression of things. Hubby seems very disappointed, he feels nothing much was accomplished..but he did well!I have to keep reminding him, in due time. He had to finish the plumbing, so he can put the ceiling beams back up..and that has to be done, before the electric goes in..which has to be done, before we can insulate. And so on, and so on.......

I do have one photo I can share..I will put it up in just a bit..just thought of it.

The house looks so barren...but after this trip up, I do hope that changes a bit!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Somethings being done!

Here is a photo of where the new kitchen will be, showing the side of the house side. We plan to keep that window for now, it's different..and I like it. It has storms (some) on it..and we have to decide how to fix them..but it can be done later. is a photo of the same view I posted earlier. It's been cleaned up a bit..and the floors still aren't the same height..but we have some more demoing to do yet!

An finally hubby started framing out the wall for the new 1/2 bath..It's going to be located in the mud room..(previously the old kitchen) It's not large..but it doesn't need to be. Next to the bath, we are planning to put in a small closet for those coats and boots/'s been a long time since I had one..and I can't wait for it!

Just a note, Hubby's hernia didn't act up at all this weekend, so even though he was alone, he did do quite a lot. Besides the reconstruction..he fixed a pipe attached to the hot water heater..and he stuffed the basement windows with some insulation. Now I know that seems like a funny thing to do, but there really isn't any windows there. They rotted away, and were replaced by a sheet of day, we will get them replaced, but for's warmer down there!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

possibly a delay

First some photos! IT'S FALL!

Now a photo of the old kitchen/diningroom area getting a spruce up, and some floor rebuilding.

Now, I posted a photo of this area last time, bathroom floor here it is all spiffed p a bit..the floor was reinforced, old beams were removed, and replaced with new..seems like the handy man way of installing plumbing was to just cut the beam if it's in the it needed reinforcing badly!

Now for a possible delay..Hubby seems to have a problem with a hernia..waiting for a surgeon visit to determine what's up, and how we shall see. Hubby thinks he did the heavy work last weekend, and may be able to get away with some clean-up this weekend..we shall's all up in the air!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I promised more photos...well..they all look pretty much the same..dismal. I decided to add this one..the tearing down of the downstairs bath room wall.

Now here is a sight I hadn't seen in awhile...the inside of the carriage house! It was so loaded with construction debris...we have all the brick yet..not sure yet what we will do with it was from the chimneys we removed..(4 of them) been boarded up for years.we kept the good brick....we just couldn't let the weight sit up there on the floor beams!

Now this was found hidden in the carriage house. It was discovered after the junk was cleaned out..what a treasure!

I'll look through the photos and see what else I can share..something that doesn't look like what I have already shared!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving downstairs!

First, I wanted to show a picture of the new bath. What did you want miracles? There are no walls yet..supposed to have sheet rock by next week..but I'm in no rush..lot's to work on on the first floor now!

Ya that we have running water..we don't need the disaster thing they called a bath downstairs! you can see in this's now gone! The floor was destroyed from leaks..and it was put together crummy..and yes, you guessed it..they cut the beams for the floor to add the shower's a wonder the floor still stood..but now that it's all opened up, we can repair that.

So..the dumpster is filled up, the carriage house is empty..finally..I will add some more picture tomorrow..I was in a hurry to post in all my I only resized the two photos. BTW the water upstairs runs, and has no leaks...who could ask for more!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Next visit

Well...I have the dumpster ordered..son and his girlfriend are taking the trip to help load it up, while other stuff is worked on... it will help a lot..everything that we had to rip out in the last few months, went into the garage..wasn't enough for a dumpster..and the town doesn't have "at the curb" pickups..and we don't have a pick-up truck to take it over we had to wait.

So, I will have a little bit of peace for the weekend, just the girls and I..(and the animals, but we won't go there)

I just hope things go as they should and lots gets done!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am very pleased with how the second bathroom floor came out. It was done very nicely, and it's all grouted! Just have to apply the sealer to the grout. I call it the second bathroom, but it's the first one done..there is also the Master Bath..and a 1/2 bath on the first floor..(well there will be) I have a habit of calling it the girls bathroom also, but if my son moves up with us, it's his also.. so...I don't know what else to call it.

NOW it got "cold" at the house. The temps dropped into the 20's (F) needed some heat quickly. Hubby got them all hooked except the parlor, wanting to wait a bit for them, till he could do some clean he capped the steam pipes, (not the return pipes) and found out, he had to do both sets. Wound up with water pouring back up the pipes.. (sigh) had to rip up the carpet that was protecting the floor from construction, to aide in the drying process...hopefully there won't be too much damage from it.

This last photo, is just showing the shower connection for the bathtub. It's getting so close..I can't wait for the sheetrock! (It's on order, I hope)

Next weekend, Hubby will finish off the water hookup in the cellar, and he has to add a pipe for the water supply in the sink...he plans on installing the sink and toilet..even before the walls are up, so they can be used while the downstairs bath is being removed, and relocated. Hopefully my son is going to pitch in next weekend, I am ordering a dumpster..(hopefully the last) we collected a great amount of junk in the sense having a dumpster, if we had more to do yet.

Till next time!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Renovations

The floor was leveled using some self leveling stuffs... ;) just the one corner was real this allows the tub to be level.

Here is the tub in place, and the floor almost finished! A few more tiles to insert...and then grout. Water pipes were run..just not hooked up yet..but soon...maybe next week?

Dresdner Stolen Recipe

I just wanted to add my Stolen recipe, someone had asked for it, and this was the easiest place to put it. The season is coming upon us :)

Dresdner Stolen

Preheat oven to 325 deg.

1- 1/2 cups lukewarm milk 1 tsp grated lemon peel
2 active dry yeast cakes 1 cup golden raisins
¼ lb butter 1 cup citron
¾ cup sugar 1 cup candied cherries
5 cups flour + ½ tsp salt
3 eggs confectioner sugar
½ tsp nutmeg

(Set on your dough) Place half the flour in a large bowl, shape it around the sides of the bowl, leaving a huge ditch in the center. Pour carefully the lukewarm milk into the center of the flour. Drizzle yeast over the milk, and sprinkle a Tablespoon of sugar over the yeast, to allow it to settle. Let sit till yeast is bubbly (active) Stir the flour and milk/yeast and let it set till it rises double in size.

Punch down the dough, and begin to mix in the remainder of the ingredients, except the fruit. When dough is too hard to mix with a spoon, use your hands continually adding flour till the dough is soft and doughy, and your hands don’t readily stick to it. (I found it can take a lot more flour) Kneading the dough is important, knead thoroughly, then add the fruit, and knead till the fruit is well mixed. Split into four loaves, roll them into a football shape, and fold over one side to the other, not even so the bottom portion is slightly wider.

Place on a cookie sheet, and let rise again, till double in size. Bake ¾ of an hour (or till slightly brown) and toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Let cool, then brush with melted butter, and sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting there...

Ok, well here is the bathtub in it's place. It isn't set in yet..just placed there..but nice to see things moving along!

Here is a view from the attic. All the puffy insulation, and in the distance you can see the vent pipes in for the plumbing.

Now, only because there are no other photos of work done yet..other than plumbing, here are a few views of the work done in the can see the new into the old. Still waiting to get the old replaced to the street...but, until's usable.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moving along

Well, things are moving along, even if I am not 100% happy about it. I will admit, if I were a real laundry buff, my new room would be lovely...but I don't care for laundry, and doing it is a real I am not. BUT I decided instead of being persnickety about it, I would let it be, and move on. I don't want to waste time going back....move ahead..let's get things done!

Hubby is very proud of himself for the laundry room, and it bothered him a bunch, that I didn't show the same emotion toward it. I didn't want it upstairs in the first place, but I was told it would make life simpler for him to put it there, so I gave in...ok..enough, I think I am holding on to something I should let's done... ;)

Here is the view from the laundry..toward the back stairs. That's what's left of the fourth bedroom. OK it makes a nice sitting room...not that I would use it, but I'll try ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some photos of the...Insulation!

Yep, hubby is back..had a full weekend. He planned on doing plumbing, but two shipments of insulation arrived...and one more coming Tuesday...he had to do some quick stapling!

He said when he first walked into the house, there was no room to move, so he thought it better to insulate, than work on plumbing, it'll help keep things warmer anyway, as the weather cools!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Argh, no plumbing yet

Well, Hubby intended on getting to the plumbing the long weekend, but other things came up. Frist unexpectantly, the contractor suggested we have the laundry room I reluctantly agreed...I would have totally preferred it down near the kitchen...but...I was told it would be minimal. We discussed what I wanted to see for it, as long as it had to be upstairs...and I wanted just a small room, large enough to squeeze the machines in side by side.

Unfortuanatley, I now have a 8' x 9' room, it shortens my fourth bedroom. Now the fourth bedroom looks like a large landing at the top of the stairs. It isn't making me happy, and hubby seems to want to know nothing about changing it. I need a couple of measurements first before I really insist...but I believe it should fit as planned with out being so obtrusive.

Now, after starting to do this room, hubby decided to remove the left over radiators, that won't beused, we will have electric heat in all the rooms on the top back up, or you can say, suppliment the oil heat.

They loaded the radiator on a hand truck, and proceeded to lower it down the stairs, when one foot of it got caught on the stair treads, and tumbled down the steps onto Hubby's leg. It pushed him a bit down the stairs, as it tore up the treads a bit...

He is doing better, and the swelling is finally starting to go down...he'll be back up this weekend, I hope!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24 2008

Work is getting done! It's looking great too. First a photo of the stove..this is from the camera,yes, the fireplace needs help..soon enough.

Now, look at the hall...everything is cleaned up, and ready for electric!

And here's a new pic of the front of the house on an angle..just almost like one of the first pics with the snow...

It's definitely looking up!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now...not as dismal as it was!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More cabinets!

Hubby finished two more cabinets! Not primed yet, but all put together!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Oh, the choices. everytime I stop at the home centers, I have to look at flooring tiles. I am compelled to do so. Now I bought some samples last time I was looking, and I was happy with the choice, but still not 100% sure.

So when I went back last night, I stopped and looked again, and I have decided. It is this one. These are the accent tiles, the floor will be 12 x 12 in the lighter color in this sample.

I assume, because I chose it twice, means it's meant to be..I had forgotten I picked some up when I got home, and saw I already had the same choice has to be then!

The wood stove was installed, the problem with the flu was taken care of, cost me $425.00 to have it fixed, and they I am happy with that. The chimney sweep guy was actually $50. cheaper than the company we bought it from.

I should have a nicer photo of the stove installed after this weekend.

Now..hubby isn't sure what else he will get to this weekend..he is concerned with the radiators..he'd like to take them down stairs and outside, power wash them, and give them a fresh coat of paint..since the winter is coming's important to get them hooked up. The problem is, if he takes time from the other work, it delays things some..but it has to be done. Th radiators are extremely large, and it won't be easy to drag them down the stairs, and then haul them back up...oh well...we were looking into a winch, but Lowes, didn't have any! We shall see.

Till next time!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wood stove!

The wood stove came!! Woohoo!

Hold the's not installed yet! Problems..always problems...the chimney flu, changes size to a smaller than normal, the mason is coming, and will do this thingy with a tool, that will enlarge the whole, by cutting away at the bricks a, hopefully...Monday!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

a couple of different angles

Here are two more angles of the new windows..most of the rust has been removed from the siding, what a difference! BTW, all the windows on the second floor are installed!