Saturday, November 27, 2010

First, a pic of some newly fallen SNOW! The winter season is starting.
There are so many pictures today, some are from last weekend, some from this, I won't go into a lot of blabber about them, so I'll just explain what they are:
This of course is a ceiling fan installed in the Parlor.

Here is a ceiling fan for the upstairs Master Bedroom.

The fan in the living room was just installed.

Here is the pic of the kitchen from last weekend...

Now here is a picture of the kitchen from this weekend... the bar stools are in place, the corner china cabinet is layed in place in the rear of the kitchen, as with the glass table and chairs...

The half bath door got a coat of primer...

Last weekend, one bedroom door was framed and installed.. here is a view from the hall...

Here is a view from inside the room...

The Foyer got it's light reinstalled, it was an original to the house, I couldn't see getting anything different, it looked so charming there...

This picture is hard to see, may have to click on it to enlarge it, the blue swag lamps are put up... it's a little dark..

OK, different view of the swags, not a great view, but you can see the color of can see the refinished window panes on the floor, the window frame needs attending, before they can be put back up... unfortunately, it's friggin cold there now!

Anyhow, nothing major was completed, a lot of little things, all necessary things that needed to get done, yet, always put off.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Photos

It was just a try-and-finish-up weekend! There are so many things just started and not finished... finally got the remainder of the cabinet doors installed..
Here is the Island face ( photos are clickable to enlarge)
This is the under cabinet garbage can finally installed! The other cabinet door will hide the garbage disposal, and it has a fake drawer front.

Here is a view of the Cabinet doors, and Pantry doors all installed!

The Pantry Cabinet!
Just a closer up view with the upper doors all installed!

Still a lot of stuff waiting to be finished.. but every one completed makes it that much closer. Besides the kitchen Cabinets being finished, the 1/2 bath door was framed out on the inside, we still have to make the moldings for the outside facing the mud room... we have to match the rest of the woodwork in the kitchen.

The Bathroom on the second floor got it's molding put up facing the hallway, but the interior has to be made. The original moldings were not saved due to the outside molding was cut short for the doorway, which we removed.. and the inside had the tub real close to the door, and they cut off the molding to allow it to fit.. so they have to be recreated. Another time!