Sunday, February 22, 2009

suppose a kitchen?

I isn't ready to be a kitchen, but hubby had to adjust the slanted rear wall in the corner, so he had to attach some cabinets to see what's what. I didn't want any plumbing in an exterior it will go up through the corner..and adjustments had to be made.

The corner cabinet, will be a bit small, it's supposed to be just for knick knacks...but if you can see, there will be a small gap inbetween..on both we will add shelving there.

Hubby didn't feel like he accomplished much..but he worked on plumbing, (nothing to show there) and put some supports in between the studs to accept towel holders and such. Everything he gets done, makes him one step closer to a finish!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woohoo more walls!

I know, this must be getting boring for ya'll..but I'm really excited! Looky more walls! Here is a photo looking out the Master bedroom into the front stair landing.

Don't worry, the wire sticking out of the wall isn't electrical it's the cable line..not hooked up yet..just strung there. The wall to the right, the one that is still just beams, belongs to the bathroom..and further back is the master bathroom.

This next photo is the Master bedroom also..and it shows a view facing the front of the house..and the Master Closet is on the far right. Yeah I know it has windows also..I can work around's large enough.

This is also the master bedroom..but facing the front left side..Just behind the camera the Master Bathroom.

Next two photos of the master higher than the other ;) The beam in the corner is left exposed for now..they were 4x4 posts I believe.

Hubby isn't sure if he should box it in, leave it exposed...or just paint it white. another last minute decision!

Monday, February 9, 2009

More walls!

I know, it gets redundant, seeing just sheetrock upon sheetrock..but I can see the's getting done!

Here is a photo, showing out the door of the laundry room.

Now, a photo of the laundry room, looking in!

And this angled wall completes, the rear landing area...Next weekend, he moves on to the master bedroom, but he has to stop half way, and work on some more plumbing.. then the master bedroom closet...then.....

Just the longgg hallway..and the two baths..and upstairs is ready for some spackle..ugh..not my favorite job..but I think it became my job.....but at least I can free him up from the minimal work, so he can continue with all the important the whole downstairs!!! ha ha ha

I had been reluctant to venture up for the weekend..four weekends in a row, we had trouble here on the home I am pretty skiddish about leaving the kids alone...sometimes, it's better I am here. We'll see

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A couple more complete

Just wanted to share the finish of two more upper cabinets.

Hubby has the makings of two more ready to put the moment, there will be no priming or painting, they will go up to the house this's too cold in the garage to paint, and not safe with the propane heater.

We decided to wait on installing the chicken wire..he can do that anytime in the future...he saved all the old windows, it can be done anytime.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


OK...we bought some chicken wire, just to be able to take a look at what the result would be. It's not mounted in's laid in there, so it won't be 100%

Here is the before photo, as I posted last week..cabinet


Monday, February 2, 2009


But first..a look at the weather...

Can you see the icicle?

Now for the work that was done..hubby got far this weekend..these photos are dark, but this is a pic of the rear stair will also be a sitting room..and the walls are done!

Here is the front stairs landing, also finished!

Now in the front landing at the top of the stairs, is a beam, from the original house construction. It looks like, hubby would like to let it be exposed..I would have to see it in person before deciding..but he said it can go either way..I'm not sure...hmmm

And now, here is a pic of the second bedroom finished...I know they are dark, hubby has a habit of focusing on the windows...