Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010..

I wanted to show you some before and after photos, I find it nice to see the improvements side by side...I didn't have the exact angle to show, so I used two after photos from different sides. For a larger view of the photos, they are click-able.. then hit back on the browser to return to the blog.

Here is the rear landing area.. I was lucky the photos are almost exactly in the same viewpoint! You can see in the after photo, the actual doorway was removed, I found it unnecessary to have a door there.

Here is the kitchen floor view..with the cement backer board set in place.. almost half installed .. then tiles to go! We played with the tile settings, not sure which way I like them best.. I will post them soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ever so Ever ...

The color I chose for the hallway...and the rear landing.. this is closer to actual color..

This is another view of the wall.. due to the camera focused on the window.. the room looks darker.. but I can imagine it with the crisp white woodwork.

Here is a pic of the hard worker... with the counter supports he made. We saw something similar at Lowes, a little smaller, and they wanted $99 a piece, cost us $30 and a week of hell to make all 4 ... chuckles.

Some remnants of snow..