Friday, July 11, 2008

Today, another trip

I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but Hubby's back has been getting sore..we are starting to wonder if it's all the traveling every weekend. Maybe I should get him a tubey thingie for his car seat..something to take pressure off his spine..I don't know.

We worked out the problem with the floor in the bathrooms, I didn't know at first, that the cement backer board came in 1/4 it's not a problem.

We spent last night, doing a planning session, so when he got up there tonight, he knew what to start on..etc..

It's funny..we sit there discussing his options, the what's and how's...and my daughter comes in, and asks what we are talking about..I give her a look..and say, " What else"?

Anyway, we planned out the bathroom...seemed we had a problem putting in a regular sized toilet. Hubby kept telling me, that due to the swing of the bathroom door, we needed to put in a space saver toilet. SO we went to our favorite hangout last night, and it seems, a space saver, will only save us 1".

It kept bothering me, that we couldn't use the one I already purchased..I was pleased with my purchase, and really wanted to use it. Then "duh" hit me. If we have a problem with the way the door has to swing in to the bath, and having the door swing into the hall, (which is something I don't want) why not...a pocket door? duh. I can't believe I let this thing torture my mind for so long...when the answer was so simple.

It's not a problem putting one in, and it was only $59. for the hardware,a small cost for a huge problem. So I bought the hubby can put together the bath the way we want.

Whew....another problem solved. Now maybe I should buy him something for his back.

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