Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Oh, the choices. everytime I stop at the home centers, I have to look at flooring tiles. I am compelled to do so. Now I bought some samples last time I was looking, and I was happy with the choice, but still not 100% sure.

So when I went back last night, I stopped and looked again, and I have decided. It is this one. These are the accent tiles, the floor will be 12 x 12 in the lighter color in this sample.

I assume, because I chose it twice, means it's meant to be..I had forgotten I picked some up before..so when I got home, and saw I already had the same choice chosen...well...it has to be then!

The wood stove was installed, the problem with the flu was taken care of, cost me $425.00 to have it fixed, and they installed..so I am happy with that. The chimney sweep guy was actually $50. cheaper than the company we bought it from.

I should have a nicer photo of the stove installed after this weekend.

Now..hubby isn't sure what else he will get to this weekend..he is concerned with the radiators..he'd like to take them down stairs and outside, power wash them, and give them a fresh coat of paint..since the winter is coming soon...it's important to get them hooked up. The problem is, if he takes time from the other work, it delays things some..but it has to be done. Th radiators are extremely large, and heavy..so it won't be easy to drag them down the stairs, and then haul them back up...oh well...we were looking into a winch, but Lowes, didn't have any! We shall see.

Till next time!

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