Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Argh, no plumbing yet

Well, Hubby intended on getting to the plumbing the long weekend, but other things came up. Frist unexpectantly, the contractor suggested we have the laundry room I reluctantly agreed...I would have totally preferred it down near the kitchen...but...I was told it would be minimal. We discussed what I wanted to see for it, as long as it had to be upstairs...and I wanted just a small room, large enough to squeeze the machines in side by side.

Unfortuanatley, I now have a 8' x 9' room, it shortens my fourth bedroom. Now the fourth bedroom looks like a large landing at the top of the stairs. It isn't making me happy, and hubby seems to want to know nothing about changing it. I need a couple of measurements first before I really insist...but I believe it should fit as planned with out being so obtrusive.

Now, after starting to do this room, hubby decided to remove the left over radiators, that won't beused, we will have electric heat in all the rooms on the top back up, or you can say, suppliment the oil heat.

They loaded the radiator on a hand truck, and proceeded to lower it down the stairs, when one foot of it got caught on the stair treads, and tumbled down the steps onto Hubby's leg. It pushed him a bit down the stairs, as it tore up the treads a bit...

He is doing better, and the swelling is finally starting to go down...he'll be back up this weekend, I hope!

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loulee1 said...

OMG! Janet, you didn't say it was that bad in chat!

Hows it doing now?