Monday, November 10, 2008

Somethings being done!

Here is a photo of where the new kitchen will be, showing the side of the house side. We plan to keep that window for now, it's different..and I like it. It has storms (some) on it..and we have to decide how to fix them..but it can be done later. is a photo of the same view I posted earlier. It's been cleaned up a bit..and the floors still aren't the same height..but we have some more demoing to do yet!

An finally hubby started framing out the wall for the new 1/2 bath..It's going to be located in the mud room..(previously the old kitchen) It's not large..but it doesn't need to be. Next to the bath, we are planning to put in a small closet for those coats and boots/'s been a long time since I had one..and I can't wait for it!

Just a note, Hubby's hernia didn't act up at all this weekend, so even though he was alone, he did do quite a lot. Besides the reconstruction..he fixed a pipe attached to the hot water heater..and he stuffed the basement windows with some insulation. Now I know that seems like a funny thing to do, but there really isn't any windows there. They rotted away, and were replaced by a sheet of day, we will get them replaced, but for's warmer down there!

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