Monday, January 5, 2009

Almost a year!

Yup, we closed on the house January 18th..although the shock of the condition of the house, didn't calm down till around March, so even though we have had the house almost a year, it hasn't been a year of construction (de struction)

Now just a couple of photos..(Love pics myself)..of the insulation in the "old" kitchen area. Hubby took photos of other places, but they are truly too dark to see..he aims towards the windows..and he gets dark photos.

Here is a photo of the front staircase. He had to level them after the radiator fell..the new stair treads aren't on yet, but in order to put the insulation in properly, he had to do the shimming.

I am pleased with the progress, he sees not much done in 5 days, but it really is a big house, and there is always a "but first!"

Now he can concentrate on the upstairs sheetrock...oh, "but first" he has to finish the plumbing, he has to run some vent lines in through the wall leading upstairs to the roof!


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loulee1 said...

Just keep on reminding him that all the tiny steps build up into miles and miles.