Sunday, May 17, 2009

more work!

Since I showed some photos of the kitchen drywall two weekends ago, I thought I would just continue on with it, so here is a different view of the kitchen.

The next one shows leading into the living room from the new Kitchen area.

This one is the living room wall, facing the kitchen...

Same wall..facing the other can see into the kitchen this way..

Now here is the wall facing the Parlor...

Same wall by the parlor, showing more to the doorway for the Front Foyer...and the little piece of doorway showing on the right, is for the sunporch entry..

Then finally the door for the sunporch off the living room!

Another view of the wall by the parlor, and foyer entry..

Well, he did a lot this weekend..the wall shown above, was very out of line, it seemed to "lean" so he had to restructure the wall before he cover it..he will have to do the same on the reverse when he gets in the parlor..might have been cheaper, and easier to just put all new 2 x 6 studs in..but alas hindsight :)

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