Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spackle, spackle, spackle...

Well, I didn't think I was gonna put up photos, but it's looking so nice, I decided to. First a look at my peony... nice to see something bloom.

Now a closeup of one flower...

Well, of course I messed up the loading of the pics, so they are out of order, but here is bedroom #2 looking out toward the hallway.. almost all the rooms upstairs, have a first coat of Spackle on them.

Here is a view of Bedroom # 3 ...

The hallway, looking toward the rear of the house....and the rear stairs.

Now a look from the rear stair landing facing the front of the house.

Bedroom #4 facing the steps.. it' snot actually a bedroom anymore it will be a sitting room, unless needed.

Same room, facing the laundry room.. you can see the access stairs for the attic in the ceiling.

Here are photos of the master bathroom. The Father-in-law came over to help Spackle, so some may not look so pretty but he did help (argh) He enjoyed working on the house, so who can argue?

Different view of same bathroom.

Once the Spackle is done, and all the sanding, the tub enclosure can be made, and then the floor can be laid. then the doors for the shower stall can be put on.


loulee said...

Time to start using paint colours.
Did you get my invite?

Sunna Reyr said...

Hm... seems you have my father in law soul mate for a father in law. Lol.

This is all looking so good, and reminds me I promised my DS1 I would finish the Spackle in his fixer upper, plus sanding and painting. That darling son of mine has a lot of needed patience.

Anonymous said...

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