Sunday, December 20, 2009

More paint!!

Well, as redundant as the photos seem, I can say, I am really happy with progress... all the ceilings on the second floor are finish painted!!!

First here is a quick shot of the master bathroom ceiling...

Now a shot of the master bedroom......after....paint...the bathroom is visible in the rear of the photo...

Here, is a picture of the front stairs landing.. minus all the spindles and handrail..

NOW.. here is a picture of the tin ceiling in the master bedroom, paint in progress.. you can really see the difference...

And, here is the finished ceiling..... it might have a second coat yet, this was the only room that had no primer put on.. it was washed before painting, 3 times.. and it does look nicer, will have to wait to see how it dried before determining a second coat is needed or not.

Just another view .. giggling

Now this is the upstairs long hallway... looks soo good with the ceiling paint! Nice and bright!

I have all the wall colors chosen.. maybe next time, if not, maybe some of the ceiling fans will be installed.

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