Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little this..... little that

Well, this weekend, was moving day for cousin and sis in law. Not much time to do a lot of work on the house, but every little thing done, is one more thing finished. Too tired to work on the floor tiles, lights went up instead.

Here is the ceiling fan that will hang over the kitchen table. The hole in the ceiling is for the smoke detector.

Here is one of the old wall sconces we rescued and rewired. Apparently, the new building codes, weren't applicable to the old lights.. we had to create a back plate to cover the new box for the wires... we tried everything we could to cover them nicely.. and this was our best idea.. he traced the wall sconces on plywood.. and smoothed out the curves.. and panted them the color of the walls.. so they could blend in ... the picture look good.. have to see them in person.

here is just a long view of the ceiling fan...and the wall sconce by the bottom of the rear staircase.

We tried so hard to include a lot of the old in our is an old house, I didn't want it to look real modern.. but I wanted some of the modern conveniences. I sure hope it all works together and looks appealing!


Ryan @ Wall sconces said...

Your wall sconces are awesome.

Janet said...

Thanks ryan.. they came with the house.. from which era, I have no clue, we re-wired them..the huose was built in 1826.. electric came in around 1919.. not sure which wall sconces are original.. but I wanted to use as many as I could.