Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a few photos of the cabinets now. The chimney sweeper came, and took care of business.. seems we had a bird try to nest in the chimney. Now when I ordered the stove, I asked for a cap to keep the lil critters out.. and in all the commotion, with not being able to line it... and I had to call in someone who could line it right... they put the wrong cap on. I mean, why do you put a cap on a chimney? I always thought it was to keep the birds and squirrels out.. geesh! SO they gave us a cap with out the screening on it..

While he was cleaning the flu for the furnace, he determined we have to have that lined also.. so, sometime around November December he can get to that... and cost me about $1800 .

Anyway... here are pics of how the cabinets are coming, wish there was time to finsih them.. but I like what I see.. all photos are clickable to make them larger.

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Sunna Reyr said...

This is coming together great. You will have a beautiful kitchen when it's finished.

I really love your beige tiles and how you let them meet the darker slate tiles.

Thanks for the show and tell, it's so much fun watching your new home being restored.