Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchen Photos!

Still not finished... things just take time, but after a 3 day weekend, progress happened! The counter tops are made, they are sitting there, just not attached yet.. some things need be done first .

The light over the island was installed..

Hmmm just a closer up picture of the sink area.The stove goes on the left in that empty space, and the dishwasher goes on the right.

Just a different view. There is something above the cabinets on the wall.. I will explain in a few.

this is a drawing of the proposed back splash.It will be white subway tiles, with glass tiles for an accent. This was just thrown up to give me a quick peek to make up my mind of where to put the glass tiles... glad it was, cos now I've made up my mind. One block farther down suits me fine !

Now for that thing on the wall above the cabinets... We stole the design from the front staircase.. I wanted to carry the design into the kitchen.. we already used it on the island, on the counter supports... we took one small section and carved it into the supports.. not that anyone will see them anyway! (visible on two pics above, click on it to enlarge)

But now...I love the way cabinets look with crown molding above it. Sooo... I bought a piece, and had it tacked up in two places so I could have a look see... IN this pic, the crown molding is directly above the cabinets, ( a little too close for me) then the design will be above it.

In this picture, the crown molding is above the design near the ceiling.. it looks okay to me, makes the design not look so good... what to do?

Well, as for the hinges and door knobs, well... I ordered them, and they came in in plenty of time to make it up to the house... only.... &%@@#$! I ordered the wrong ones! The knobs are fine, but the hinge won't work...I couldn't understand, I copied the order numbers from the last time I got some. Hmmmm. kept wondering how I made that mistake, and then... (light bulb goes on) NOW I remember, the first time I ordered them, I also ordered the wrong ones, and had to send them back for new! &%$#~! I had forgotten, I must have copied the wrong order sheet... ok back to the drawing board. ha ha ha next time!.


Sunna Reyr said...

This will be gorgeous when done, I agree with the molding above the design, can you let the design stop at the curved lines to the sides, would that not make it fit better? Just an ides.

Thanks for sharing this chapter (the house renovation) of your life.

Janet said...

thanks Sunna, I thought of that also, we are mulling it around now... glad you like it! I sure do!

loulee said...

Your kitchen is looking fantastic.