Friday, September 14, 2012

A few weeks ago, after putting the cement backerboard on the laundry room floor, something else was needed to be done, a new water faucet in the cellar, for using the tile cutter, and general cleanup.. so.. while in the midst of installing that, the water line ( rusted as can be) behind the foundation stone, broke.. causing us to have the whole house water cut off at the street. We got a crew to come in last visit up, and they replaced our water and sewer line to the street, here is what it looked like, miraculously it took only one day to replace, but hours to clean up after.

There was a whole bunch of stones in the ground, everytime he raked he pulled up more stones,

Now the tile was installed in the laundry room.. the colors come from the kitchen and the master bath.. then we added a light color tile to mix it up a bit.

Here it's all grouted

The last bit of tiling needed, was a small back splash for the hall bathroom, I bought a high faucet, and it sprays the wall, so I thought this would protect the wall a touch. It isn't grouted yet, but will be this weekend.

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