Tuesday, January 21, 2014

OK.. so we moved...it seemed like it took forever, but we are almost all unpacked, I know there is a place for everything, and everything SHOULD have a place, and one day I will find it, just not right now hahaha
Here are some photos as you enter the back door, through the house up the stairs around and back down.. minus the kids bedrooms, for various reasons ;)

someone is feeling the warmth!

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loulee said...

Congratulations and well done to you both. You have done a fantastic job. I wish you many many years in your happy new home.
Seems like we are sharing a time frame. You and I 'met' on the Kitty and me forum just after Tony came here and the dream to return to NZ began. You had just bought the house then. Now on the day I have my visa granted I find you have moved in. :-) xx