Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The beginning of the story

Well...I did it, or shall I say we did it! We bought a home. Now, mind you..things haven't been finalized yet..but it's on it's way!

We have all signed the contracts, just waiting for a closing date. No mortgage..purchase price was $45,000. (us)

Later on, I will post the photos from the Real Estate..the ones that attracted me (hmmm).

I plan to use this blog, as an ongoing update on our new venture. Never having bought a house before, or never owning one for that fact, this is all new..and I may be very naive..but I think I found a perfect home.

It needs loads of work, trust me...LOADS of work, just to make it a will be great, I know it!

Now, I am not looking for a mansion..something high tech, or ultimate modern. It's an old home, maybe 150 years old or more...but what really attracted me to it hadn't been altered. It is the same original house as it was when it was my knowledge anyway.

The house is 2700 sq ft....large rooms....large bedrooms. (smile) I have slept on the porch of the house we rent, for 7 years now..just enough room for the bed, and a tiny dresser...I CAN'T WAIT!

The photos..


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loulee1 said...

Hi Janet, just had to stop by and wish you good luck and all the best, I hope you'll be happy when you finally move in. (((Hugs)))