Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting there?

Well, I had gotten a call from my Attorney...they are ready for the closing.

Of course, maybe I ask too much, or expect too much, but they asked if I was ready..and yeah, I I asked, "How much will it cost to close?"

Hmm..they can't tell me that until we have a date set. (oh-kay) I figured by this time, they would already know? Is it a secret? How do I know if I am ready for the closing, if I don't know how much money I am going to need? Is it me???

I realize, I have to pay the year's taxes...and I have to pay for the leftover fuel costs...I don't know what the Attorney will charge for his services..I believe it's a pro-rated figure, (%) of the house cost? I have never been here before (buying a house) so I don't know these things...what I can't understand though, is if the Attorney's office has their stuff done, why don't they already know this?

I think it's just another way to keep me guessing...and again...waiting...and waiting...and waiting....and wondering!

I hope, setting a date is a matter of a phone call....and since they called me yesterday, maybe they will contact the seller's attorney today and then let me know??

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