Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stress relief

Well, as Loulee had mentioned, the stress was real high here. It's one thing to buy locally, where you can travel back and forth with in a moments notice..but 4 hours away, is a long distance to travel. Not bad, but long.

I showed Dh, why I wanted the measurements, I can now get prices on things, I haven't had to purchase before..tiles, "Pergo" flooring, maybe carpet... I had no idea what the prices could have been..and now I have a small clue.

I can also make a plan of attack on the rooms, which one first..etc.

So, I have decided, we will attack the bedrooms first, and make them ready for occupancy. Before I can though, I have to wait to get an electrician up money is not an option for that right now, I can begin to plan the upstairs bath.

The contractor, determined, the bath upstairs isn't large enough...OK...and I need it larger why? In order to enlarge the bath, one bedroom had to be decreased in I don't want to go about changing things drastically in the house, I don't mind putting the money into it, but first things first. I think if I decide down the road to have a larger can be done..

My basics are prepping the rooms for insulation,paint, carpet...and the actual bath..I am hoping to spare the tub/sink/and toilet. They are original to the house, at least the upstairs ones are. The downstairs bath, doesn't seem looks like a later addition to the house. I will keep it as a bath, but it needs some new fixtures. I think first is a new toilet..we can use the sink for a while till it's time to redo that bath, I just want to make it usable in the meantime.

Now, tiling...what style is in? (laughing) I know what I like.....probably can't afford that much to tile the room, I am thinking of the floor, and 1/2 way up the wall...

DO I choose a color? Do I keep it simple...I like white, but white isn't a good choice for me...any suggestions?

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