Monday, December 29, 2008


I had a camera full of photos, I would have loved to share, but they were sorely out of focus!

Unfortunately, I had used the camera in manual mode..and forgot to change it back..and hubby not knowing the difference (aim and shoot) took loads of out of focus shots.

He went up alone this weekend, but he had an extra day at he accomplished what he needed to. He got the house cleaned up...(all tools packed away)everything removed from around the circumference of the rooms, so the electrician can do his thing.

The electrician stopped in, and mentioned he could be at the house to run his wires this we can start putting in the insulation next weekend!

Hubby went around and marked all the special wiring instructions where they need to be.

He thinks he will go up to the house a bit earlier this weekend, since he's off on the 1rst.. if the electric is done by then, I told him there are loads of things he can do..after all I already bought the new stair treads..they are sitting there waiting for their turn, and there is loads of sheet rock that can be worked on, that's there also!

The only reason it wasn't done yet, is because he was busy trying to get the downstairs prepped for the electric...which is he can start other things that need to be done.

I'll look through the photos again, and see if any of them are clear enough to post..till then!

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