Wednesday, December 17, 2008

moving closer

Well, I made a few changes. There was a closet under the front steps, but the door for it was in the livingroom. I thought it best, to have the closet open into the foyer, so hubby changed it around, and he had to rebuild the wall for under the stairs, to secure it some. He still has to replace the steps he broke when he dropped the radiator, but he needs to reinforce that side of the steps in some way first.

While he was at it, he straightened out a nailing surface for the sheetrock..I can't believe how much forgiveness is allowed by using plaster on the walls!

Here again, the last thing hubby got around to, was repairing the floor damage under an old leaky radiator! It's been covered over with plywood, so he could put the radiator back on to keep the house warm, but we aren't sure which way we want to go next..gotta keep plugging on getting ready for electric, so we can insulate!

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