Sunday, March 8, 2009

an I helped...................

Frist some photos of the remaining snow.... this one is out my front parlor window....

Here is a photo from the rear of the house looking toward the sun porch....

Here is a view off to the neighbors can see there is still a lot hanging around, even with the rain we had this weekend!

Now..we got a new delivery of sheet rock for the first floor..not yet ready to install it, have to finish upstairs first, but now that we finished the upstairs plumbing, and the tub and shower surrounds are in, that can be done! These are the 8 footers, and ten footers (sheet rock)

Here is a photo of the living's our work station, only because the wood stove is in the room :) We had to adhere the wood support strips to the tub surround, before applying it to the wall, so it's sitting there drying a bit..

Ahh yes, the 16 foot sheet rock boards :) they don't look like much sitting there, but they are heavy! We had to split up the rooms to store the stuuff, so there was no great load in one spot.

Here is a photo of the installed shower stall..only needs the glass and door installed..but that can wait till after the walls are insulated, and sheetrocked, this had to be applied direct to studs.

Same with the tub to studs..this one was a bit harder to install, something somewhere was not completely level, so we had to trim the bottom of the wall panels a bit..came out nice can't see the trimmed area.

So...I spent my evening playing go-for gal..and instruction reader..I believe I helped quite a it though...I am pretty good at problem solving.....I was also able to check things over, and make sure all the places I want towels holders in the baths, had supports for the screws to install them..once the walls go's too late to change my I had to put my seal of approval on everything.

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