Sunday, March 29, 2009

second floor complete

All the drywall was installed on the second floor! It still needs spackling, but at least it's all hung. Have some corner protectors to install yet, but that's quick. Here is a pic of the finished hallway, facing the front of the house.

And here is the hallway, facing the back of the house! Looks the same huh? Well almost.

And the final photo is of one of the closets. The photo is deceiving, it looks tiny, but it isn't.

Now for just a little bit of plumbing left, and on to drywall for the first floor! However, I believe, the phone and cable lines are to be installed first! it's starting to look like a house again!

1 comment:

loulee said...

Thats great Janet. You must be so pleased with progress. Is DH now a believer? For a long time it seemed that he felt things weren't moving.