Sunday, August 23, 2009

getting done slowly

Well, it seems so simple, yet everything takes time. This is the bathroom that was in working order, in order to Spackle and paint, the toilet and sink had to come out, which in itself took some time. He then remembered to cover the tub and wall surround so they could stay fairly clean.

Now, this is what used to be the fourth bedroom, which is now the new laundry room, (far right) and sitting room. ( or may be still a fourth bedroom) He took pictures, to show me he had replaced the wood work around the windows! They really look nice, it now seems more like a room. In the ceiling in the center of the room, is the pull down stairs for the attic.

This photo is just showing the detail in the wood work. It isn't fancy, but it also isn't plain.. I am real happy it was all saved, stripped and reused. ( any photos can be clicked on to make larger)

Looking outside the window, you can see my carriage house.. I tried to avoid letting the outside be shown, it's in such poor shape, it needs a lot of siding repair, and paint!

I can't wait till it's all sanded, and painted, I bought all new ceiling fans, for most of the rooms, and I have some original ceiling lights and wall sconces I have been repairing, rewiring, to reuse in certain places, I can't wait to seee them installed!

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