Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Photos!

I wanted to share photos of the top of the carriage house, it's enormous! For starters, we hope to make it a work shop and if you look, we have the wood moldings that we have to strip lined up there.

Here is facing the back of the yard:

A picture facing the front:

Two photos letting you see the span along the walls.. it is quite large!

Now a new photos of the kitchen.. those are the walls where the cabinets will be.. we have the soffits all set, we plan on decorating them with the pattern from the front make it all belong.

Here is the view opposite the kitchen cabinets. You can barely see it, but there is the rear staircase on the right. The left takes you into the living room.

Now a view facing the back door (mud room) the rear staircase is more visible.

To the right of the back door, is where the small kitchen table will be. We have the old built in China Cabinet that should fit into the right corner. (click link to see cabinet )

Now the view of the living room. The carboard box is covering the wood stove to protect it from plaster.

The living room, facing the Sun Porch.

I think hubby was just showing off all the plaster on the walls for this.. it's the wall on the kitchen side.

And last for this week, is a photo of the living room facing the arch to the parlor, and the foyer.


loulee said...

The space above the carriage house is amazing.
DH has been working hard, I think he's allowed to show off a little.

Janet said...

lol Thanks Loulee! He has been working very hard on it