Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy Weekend

First a look at the rewired old ceiling light fixture.. it isn't spectacular, but it's original to the house, so we kept it, and it fit just nicely at the top of the stairs. It had no lens cover, so we made one out of a piece of plastic for a recessed light... it does the job, and obscures the light bulbs from view. The Frame got a good clean, and repaint.. and all the colored glass was thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled. All the wiring and sockets were replaced and rewired..

Now just a few different views of the kitchen floor.. both surfaces were grouted.. they still need a bit of a clean-up.. was just too much in so little time.. but it looks real nice. The grout for the beige tiles, was supposed to be almond, yet it looks white.. not sure if another wash will brighten it up bit more. The slate tiles need to be polished off to remove residue in the cracks and seams.. then they have to be sealed. All photos are clickable to enlarge them!

the open rectangle in the center of the floor is going to be under the island.. it's for the drain and water pipes...
Well, that was about all that was done this weekend, except the lawn was mowed..