Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer is here.....sigh.... no wheres near done

Well.. while waiting for the sealant to dry on the grout in the kitchen, it was a good time to put some more lights up. These were originally in the master bedroom.. we decided they weren't needed there, and put them in the hall.. I plan on putting only 25 wattt bulbs in them, to make them night-lights.. we have the bright recessed lights in the hall.. but this can be left on at night to travel back and forth to the bathroom. There is a light switch for them between the kids rooms.

Here they are all mounted... I like em.. and I got to keep some more original from the house.. a little old, a little new!

Here is the kitchen floor.. it's all grouted, and all the grout was sealed! Hopefully, it will make it easier to maintain. When we purchased these tiles over a year ago, we paid $.77 each.. geesh, if they don't go for $.56 each now! Grrrr oh well.. they aren't the most expensive to begin with, but I think they look nice.. and it isn't linoleum! (regular 12 x 12 inch tiles run around $2.49 each.)

What I had no pics of yet, were the cabinets.. they got very dusty waiting to be installed.. so he spent some time cleaning them up so they can be painted.. trying to get them all done so he can get them put up.


loulee said...

Slow and steady.

abigail2 said...

I love the light switches! Never seen anything like them before.