Monday, April 7, 2008


Loulee asked, "what, no reclaimed doors?" We plan on using what was I guess that is reclaimed enough?

The hubby and I went to Lowes, a while back, and I fell in love with a lamp they had there..I thought it would look spectacular in the foyer. It's a stained glass's stunning...but I found, over time, I really do like the one already in the house!

Looking at it I really like it! A bit of a washing...and it can be so different!

There is another I have grown so fond of,

I still may buy the other, to place over the Dining room has a few options on the style, but they have the same coloration in them. I like it also..can't resist! Let me browse Lowes, and see if I can find it there..... Nope..I'll have to bring my trusty cell phone next time, and try to capture it!

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