Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, I have to say, the word is the snow is almost gone! That reminded me of the first trip we made up to the house, after it became ours.

There was snow on the back porch, it was hanging over the edge a good 1 1/2 feet. I being a newbie to snow country, thought it would be better to remove it, than wait for it to drop. Well.......

I grabbed the shovel we brought up, and attempted to poke it from underneath, so it would break off and fall to the ground.

It looked like snow...but it was a thick piece of frozen snow/ice! I hit it from underneath, (I stood a good distance back) and broke loose. But in doing so, it threw me back....I hit the window, luckily it didn't break! The force was tremendous! I am so lucky!

Who'd a thought! It's funny now...but at the time, it gave me such a start! I have heard of stories of the snow falling off the roof...making such a rumble...and now I know why!

The hubby is going to the house tomorrow early am with his brother...he has a few things to get started for the electrician...I mean he could start ripping the downstairs walls apart...but we didn't order a dumpster, and he won't be up there that long...maybe he can do a bit here and there, and then get another dumpster...we'll see.

I'll update you after he comes home Sunday.

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