Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm tired....................

It actually was a nice weekend. Sorry I don't have any new pictures to show, I went and forgot my camera! Acck! How could I do that?

I did luckily have my video camera, but that does ya'll no good...but I documented our work any way.

Hubby gave me the job of attempting to clean up the plaster remnants up in the bedrooms. He didn't want to remove the moulding near the floor yet, because it meant bundling, and marking it, (see, we plan to save it and reuse it)

Soooo...I had to take the shop vac and try to suck the stuff out from between them arrrgh....we had three shop vacs with us..and it wasn't easy! It took me a couple hours, and I only finished two rooms!

The chunks of plaster kept stuffing up in the hose, and I had to keep unclogging it. Then, the filter kept stuffing up with all the plaster dust...and I would lose suction I had to open it up, and bang out some dust....

I have to admit, I did a fine job of what I did anyway! It was a huge difference...but I told hubby, he had better just take the time to knock off the mouldings, and sweep out the would go so much faster in reality!

Now while I was busy up on the second floor, Hubby and his sister, took apart the "Sunporch"
Everything was so wet still...after a few we checked out the roof again, and found more places where there are leaks. It was much easier to find them with no ceiling! Yup..they managed to gut the whole room...and fill the dumpster! Yup..another one! I haven't gotten the bill from the first one yet! It's scary....after they take away the dumpster, they are supposed to weigh them, and you pay..$70 per ton. I know all that plaster is heavy...I dumped alot of it!

No word from the sign of the contractor....I still don't have their prices...

I don't know if we are going up next weekend or not...I mean the weather was was nice to work with the windows open...oh yeah, speaking of windows, I have to go to Lowes tonight, and get prices on having windows made for the whole upstairs. (there are 15 windows upstairs) They are pretty crummy...I am sure they can be fixed...but it will take a long time..some are missing their pegs to lock them..etc..but there isn't anything real special about the windows upstairs...they aren't fancy...and they are loaded with lead paint, may be best to just replace with more energy efficient windows...if the price is right. I will be curious to find I am going to get an estimate.

That's pretty much it for this weekend, except we had a few visitors while we were there...Hubby's sister came to help...god bless her...His nephew stopped in to chat, his Aunt stopped in with a friend...and His father stopped by! How did we get anything done??

Ahh one last item to mention. We brought the dog up with us. It was hard getting her in and out of the car, made three stops on the way up, she was nervous with the time spent in the car, but she moped so much while we are away, we thought we would see how she did there, and make it easier on the girls, well..she was real nervous for a while in the house, we slept there. The dog, slept next to me while we slept on an air mattress on the floor...I gave her a dof cookie, and she didn't touch it.

About 2am..we hear a load of crunching..she ate her cookie...and it seemed to spark her appetite..she was crunching and crunching and crunching! Hubby asked me how many cookies did I give her...I told him, one! He grabbed the flashlight, and got up to see what she was doing...she was eating PLASTER! Argh...luckily, she is didn't seem to hurt her, but it wasn't a great thought! So I had to make sure she couldn't come in contact with anymore.

Then, (that was friday eve) Saturday evening...we went to sleep...I gave the dog three cookies to work on late night, and nope, she didn't touch them...but...about 2am...we both woke with a start..seems the air mattress sprung a slow leak, and we wound up, laying on the hard wood floors uncomfortable! The only thing I could think of, because hubby was stressing so much...he was tired, and wanted more I suggested, fill it up again, and let's see how long it lasts?

So we refilled the mattress, and ~~~whew~~~ it lasted till 6:15am! We managed a night's sleep, whew...hopefully, we won't have to do that again! (laughing) it was an eventful weekend, in all aspects!

Now, Sunday, before we left for home, we spent some quality time at the house. I raked...seems, it hadn't been raked in a while...the lawn is a mess, and it seems to have remnants of maybe moles, or gophers...not sure..there are just holes all over one section of the lawn. There isn't any fresh dirt, like a wood chuck would have...I saw the tell tale signs of wood chucks at the Sis in laws house, so it isn't them. I'll just have to patch and see where it goes..but that's the last thing on my list..the house first. I just didn't want to leave the lawn looking so bad, after all the next door neighbor's lawn was cleaned up nicely. (On the one side anyway).

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loulee1 said...

Sounds like you guys are really racing along now. Thats great, it must feel good to be making progress.