Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting there...

Ok, well here is the bathtub in it's place. It isn't set in yet..just placed there..but nice to see things moving along!

Here is a view from the attic. All the puffy insulation, and in the distance you can see the vent pipes in for the plumbing.

Now, only because there are no other photos of work done yet..other than plumbing, here are a few views of the work done in the can see the new into the old. Still waiting to get the old replaced to the street...but, until's usable.


loulee1 said...

More insulation! LOL To do it right means we have to get through all the boring buildery stuff first, soon we'll be seeing tiles and more fittings.

Kim said...

Success can definitely be measured in seeing a bathtub. You're making progress!