Monday, October 20, 2008

I am very pleased with how the second bathroom floor came out. It was done very nicely, and it's all grouted! Just have to apply the sealer to the grout. I call it the second bathroom, but it's the first one done..there is also the Master Bath..and a 1/2 bath on the first floor..(well there will be) I have a habit of calling it the girls bathroom also, but if my son moves up with us, it's his also.. so...I don't know what else to call it.

NOW it got "cold" at the house. The temps dropped into the 20's (F) needed some heat quickly. Hubby got them all hooked except the parlor, wanting to wait a bit for them, till he could do some clean he capped the steam pipes, (not the return pipes) and found out, he had to do both sets. Wound up with water pouring back up the pipes.. (sigh) had to rip up the carpet that was protecting the floor from construction, to aide in the drying process...hopefully there won't be too much damage from it.

This last photo, is just showing the shower connection for the bathtub. It's getting so close..I can't wait for the sheetrock! (It's on order, I hope)

Next weekend, Hubby will finish off the water hookup in the cellar, and he has to add a pipe for the water supply in the sink...he plans on installing the sink and toilet..even before the walls are up, so they can be used while the downstairs bath is being removed, and relocated. Hopefully my son is going to pitch in next weekend, I am ordering a dumpster..(hopefully the last) we collected a great amount of junk in the sense having a dumpster, if we had more to do yet.

Till next time!

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