Monday, February 9, 2009

More walls!

I know, it gets redundant, seeing just sheetrock upon sheetrock..but I can see the's getting done!

Here is a photo, showing out the door of the laundry room.

Now, a photo of the laundry room, looking in!

And this angled wall completes, the rear landing area...Next weekend, he moves on to the master bedroom, but he has to stop half way, and work on some more plumbing.. then the master bedroom closet...then.....

Just the longgg hallway..and the two baths..and upstairs is ready for some spackle..ugh..not my favorite job..but I think it became my job.....but at least I can free him up from the minimal work, so he can continue with all the important the whole downstairs!!! ha ha ha

I had been reluctant to venture up for the weekend..four weekends in a row, we had trouble here on the home I am pretty skiddish about leaving the kids alone...sometimes, it's better I am here. We'll see

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