Sunday, April 5, 2009

Work, and views

I was gonna show off the work process first, but, I seemed to have loaded the photos in backwards, sooo...

Here is a view of the town from the Cemetery on top of the hill.

Here is another view, but on this one, if you click on it, you can see my house! I placed and arrow to show it off...sweet!

Here is just another view of the Cemetery, with some background of the's a huge hill to climb, not keen on walking it. Luckily the road was just opened from the snow. They don't plow it..the Cemetery closes in the snow weather..

Now, here is a photo of the front stairs, with all the spindles removed. It was a big process to remove them. We stripped all the spindles that rest on the top landing, now we just have to strip the remainder. Seems there are 6 missing, we have to fabricate.

This is the second bedroom, Spackling is started, looking up!

Well, so much for now, I do have a photo of what's left of the snow, but I think you can see in the Cemetery, there isn't much left. It's a shame the sun wasn't shining today, the photos would have been gorgeous! Next week!

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