Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Ceilings

These may seem redundant, it's sheet rock, and more sheet rock, but it's progress all the same. Here is a view of the new kitchen area looking toward the front of the house.

This is another view of the kitchen, facing the side of the house, that's the wall the oven will be located on.

Here is the area by the back door, looking off into the new kitchen. This is where the old kitchen was.

Now here is another view of the room, facing the side of the house.

And now the other side facing the back door, and basement stairs. The larger bump out will be a 1/2 bath, and the smaller one will be a new coat closet.

I know I didn't put up photos last time, I sort of forgot to pack the camera. I think everything was pretty much covered as to what he managed to get finished on the weekend. Hubby spent Sunday, replacing a bathroom sink and vanity for his sister, as long as he was up there. It took away some work time on the house, but she feeds him super every other Saturday, so he was happy to do it for her.

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