Saturday, February 9, 2008

Home again!

Saturday morning, rise and shine at 5:30am. Finally got off at 6:30, had to make a bagel run, and they open at 6am.

Stopped home some bagels for the kids, and off we went.

The electrician came, he thought it best to gut all the rooms, so he can put the electric where it need be..more cnveniently..since there are wires running all over inside the walls.

I think it's best for us that way also..we can tear down the dried out plaster walls..

You know when you rip down wallpaper, how it falls like an accordion...oh..but not comes off like thick pieces of cardboard >>sigh<<,

I placed some photos in my picturetrail album if you are curious to see them. I took lots, and only posted 30.

Now..we were almost home...just paying the toll at the toll booth..when the cell phone's home calling..emergency ...hmmm...the toilet over flowed, and the water was pouring into the kitchen below...OH HOW SPECIAL!

Luckily, we only had a 30 minute ride'm exhausted!


loulee1 said...

Oh Dear, I hope it wasn't too drastic.

loulee1 said...

Just me back again to say I've tagged you! You'll have to go look at my blog for details and rules.

I had time to get to you album and look at the other pictures today too. You really do have your work cut out there.