Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally started something!

Well, we went to the new house, with all intention of just removing some old chimneys, hidden behind the walls, and just sitting in the attic, adding weight that isn't necessary..and before we correct a structure problem in the cellar, we thought it best to remove the added weight sitting on those beams.

So..we did. (Laughing) although we accomplished a lot, I am afraid, I had the first casualty..My Husband went up into the attic, and as he knocked bricks off, he piled them into buckets...lowering those buckets down to me, (by rope) so I could take them out to the garage, and dump them, then sending them back up to him.

Well...after about 11 buckets, and things were going broke loose of the rope, at ceiling height. and came crashing down...on toe! (ouch)

Well...I'll live. It's sore...may be broken, quite swollen...and I know the nail is a gonner...actually it's a nice shade of aqua right now, but..things happen!

Now I took some new pictures of the house, two different views...

While we were there, my Husbands Sister stopped lend a hand..which was so sweat and unexpected (did I say sweat? LOL I meant sweet...but yes there was sweat involved!), so she started to remove the plaster from behind the chimney in the wall, that we were taking out, and as long as she was there...she started on the walls, which all have to come out anyway, and she did a great job!

It's a messy job, but it's going great! It was so nice of her to come over and help out!

So, we got things started, and more will be getting done in a couple of weeks, my Husband took a week off from work, so he can plough through the walls!

OH...I got the estimate from the Electrician too! it's pricey...$14,000. (us) pinch me..pinch me...


Nenos said...
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loulee1 said...

Wow! Janet, things are happening at last. Thats great news.
But your poor toe, have you had it checked out? I would.
I remember pulling old plaster off the walls at mums, what a messy messy job, but oh, so satisfying.

PS Adding the word verification thing seems to deter those nasty commentors who post nasty links.

Janet said...

Thanks Loulee, I set that !