Sunday, March 2, 2008

Maybe a kitchen?

OK...I may be dreaming, but we thought about some things...a bit...

Since we have to completely remove all the plaster from the walls...we thought maybe, since the kitchen was oh so far away from the rest of the house...I mean, if you are in the kitchen, you seem to be all alone in the world, so....we thought, dreamily ...that we could do a bit of rearranging! seems like a lot to me...but as long as we were there, we would move the bathroom from where it is, and relocate it..and open up the kitchen/dining room area a bit.

This picture is just a thought process..what we would like the kitchen to look like. If you look at the photo, the sink is actually in the corner, but we had to show it in a straight line, for the drawing process.

We will also like to have an island, across from the sink, kind of on an odd shape, when it's all drawn up, I will display it.

I guess you have seen the cabinet doors are all bead boarded. Well, we are hoping to reclaim all the wood from the present kitchen walls/ceiling!

It all has to come down to have the electric installed, so we are hoping to remove it carefully, clean it up, and make the doors with it...are we dreaming? I hope not.

There is a load of that wood on the walls, it should save us loads of $$ ! Hopefully.

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loulee1 said...

I love the idea of reclaiming timber and other useful items. I hope your plans for the kitchen work out.