Sunday, March 30, 2008

Work is progressing!

Well, The Hubby took a week off to do some damage to the house...he went up there about noon time...His sister came to lend a hand, and they did a load of work!

Two of the four bedrooms are completely empty..all the plaster and lathe are down. The third bedroom has 1/2 of the walls down, and he is pretty happy with the results. He found himself an easier way to do the gutting...and it is definitely working!

The dumpster comes tomorrow, but the forecast says rain for three days...not good. If that plaster gets all wet in the dumpster, Hubby is afraid it will add poundage to the load..I am being charged $70 per ton. Think plaster can accumulate a ton of water?

I told him to continue just letting the plaster sit on the floors, till there is hope of dryer weather...or else he will probably have to pay for a tarp to cover it..and at that it could cost a good $70.!

Anyway, I have no pics yet..but Hubby swears he has been taken them..and has loads for me to see!

I'll keep ya posted!

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loulee1 said...

Sounds god Janet, I hope the rain holds off until you get all loaded up and weighed.