Monday, March 31, 2008


Things are moving along!

First, the dumpster came today. It's quite larger than he thought, and after placing all the debris from two rooms in it, he said it barely covered the bottom!

I told him, he can dump any broken furniture left behind by the former owner. Speaking of which, the dumpster driver, stopped in to leave a receipt, and told my Hubby, that the first big load he removed from the house for the previous owners, was nothing more than papers and magazines! Oh wow....that's a lot of papers!

The plumber came today, he thought it a good idea to replace the water line from the street, as I asked. The shut off was so badly rusted, he said he couldn't guarantee the condition of the pipe. So ...he may have that estimate tomorrow.

The contractor showed up, told us the electrician wants wasyyy to much for the work. Seeing as how all the walls are bare, no plaster or lathe, it's a no brainer job..and he can't understand why he wants so he will stop back in on Saturday with his price, and to relook over some reconstruction problems.

He feels, having the fourth bedroom upstairs is really unnecessary, we should enlarge the bath, and divide the remaining space up between the two bedrooms on that side. So...if the bath being 5' wide, is enlarged, what would you say, four feet maybe? makes it 9 feet...and it takes 4 feet off the fourth bedroom..making that one only 5 1/2 feet wide, hmm...adds 2 + feet to the two bedrooms...sounds about right. Sounds good also...I like big rooms! That would make the two bedrooms, about 14 x 18!

Hubby completed removing the plaster from bedroom #4...and started one way down the hall to the bathroom...(past bedrooms #3, and #2) Tomorrow he will remove the plaster on the other side of the hall... (and he says he didn't get anywhere today!) Laughing.

There's a small hallway to the bath, and to the #1 bedroom.Then there is the staircase area...and down the stairs...and today is only Monday! He's there till Saturday! at the rate he's going, he could (in my opinion) probably finish the downstairs also! Well, maybe all but the kitchen. He wants to take special care removing the bead boards from the kitchen walls and ceiling.

But OH what a mess it is! The dust, and accumulated dirt...I can only imagine! I saw the dust clouds in just the one room!

Gosh it was such an informative day...did I forget anything? our backyard...there is a garage, to the left of our Carriage house. It's up for sale. Our property isn't large...and there is only the carriage house, so I had hubby go look at the garage. It will enlarge our property, and leave us a place for tool storage. Sadly, the guy wants $11,000.00 for it. It needs a roof, or a roof paint job (it's also metal) and it has no concrete slab underneath..just pea gravel...and in all honesty, hubby doesn't think a car will actually fit through the doors, although they are garage doors (two of them), I don't see why not... Hubby wants me to offer only $7,500. for it. He said for that price it is definitely worth it. I don't know if the owner will go that low, but Hubby is sure he will counter.

I don't mind, but it's me he wants to place the call! I hate that kind of stuff!

Oh well! That's about it for now, Maybe tomorrow will bring more news!

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loulee1 said...

Wow, loads happening then. I don't envy your DH, I remember the dust and mess from just one room. Yeuck!!
And a toy garage for DH, can't be bad. ;-)