Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another weekend of work!

Dh is at the house, this time, he will return with "Exact" measurements to order new windows.

It's funny, we considered just plain old changing all the windows. Replacing exactly what is there, with new. Now all of a sudden, the contractor comes along, and says we should really shorten the window in the bathroom. (Sigh) it can be done, but then we have to replace some siding outside. It's more than it's worth.. I think. Yes, I want it done right, but at what cost?

Speaking of the "Contractor"....YIPPEE! He was at the house! Do you know what that means....???

That means, he fixed our bearing wall...he replaced it with a sturdy 2 x 6 wall, instead of a regular 2 x 4 wall! For a bearing wall, I feel more comfortable that way. There is a lot of house above that has to hold it all up!

On top of the wall repair, he started the......electric!!! Double Yippee!!! He put in the new wires, so it can be hooked up to the new meter...and then ran the service up the stairs to the new box for the second floor. he has to wait for the town to inspect before he can go any further, but at least "SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!"

Hubby just called me, for the sixth time this morning, it's now 9:27 am. While he was on the phone, he complained he isn't getting too far too fast, because he has to keep making calls! (laughing) I didn't ask him to call! He made one call to his sister, and the rest to me... I know how he feels though.

Yesterday, he thought he would get in a full day of work, because he went up Thursday he stopped at his sister's house at 7am, for an invited breakfast, then he proceeded to the house at 8am, only to find the contractors still there. He didn't want to get in their way, so he spent some time removing mouldings. He would have loved to tear right into the walls, but the dumpster didn't arrive till almost 2pm..

After a bit if wall demo...his sister stopped in and asked him to go with her to the auction in town. I told him, he might as's a long weekend, he'll need the R&R!

He had to quit working at 3:30, to wash up to, the call from his sister, was to see if he wanted to go to a "Spaghetti Dinner" at the Lodge.

Now Hubby, likes to get in a full day..that means work till at least 6pm, that's when he starts to peter out, to stop at 3, well..that doesn't suit him to well.

Oh well...if he at least gets the windows measured...and determines how many 2 x 4's he'll need to move around walls, he accomplished something, even if he doesn't fill the dumpster. We can keep the dumpster for a week, and I'll go with him next weekend and help tear out.

I'll keep you posted!

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