Sunday, May 11, 2008

First, here is a new photo of the house. You can see all the rust on the roof, and it has dripped down onto the siding above the door...we got an estimate for a brand new roof! $11,000. The price of the metal is going up soon, so we had to move quick to get it now. It needs the new roof, many many small leaks.

Now, this photo, is the same corner the corner cabinet sat in! (sniff) it's sad to see it go, but it should have a perfect place to rest later when we start putting the house back together!

The view under the stairs...these are the front stairs, we decided, since there is no major renovations needed at the rear staircase, we will attempt to leave it something will be original!

Just wanted to show another filled dumpster!

This makes the third one, and I haven't gotten a bill for the first one yet! I wonder if it will be a shocker when I get them!

We are planning another trip up next week, have some things to do before the roof is up (he promised in two weeks to start) so another trip is real necessary!

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